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Gun owners are among the most law abiding and honest people anywhere.  Every gun owner in Kansas is required to undergo a background check prior to purchase of any gun from a dealer.  Individuals with criminal or violent backgrounds are not allowed to own or posses firearms in Kansas.  In addition, individuals that choose to carry concealed in Kansas, must attend a training class, undergo an even more extensive background check, file their fingerprints and photograph with the county sherriff and have no criminal, violent or restrictive mental or physical  background. 

For the law abiding citizen, purchasing, owning, possessing and using a gun is a right afforded by the constitution of the United States.  Although gun ownership and use carries with it many responsibilities, there are few other purchases that can be made that are better investments.  Unlike most other hobbies, guns from reputable manufactures that are cared for appropriately provide their owners and families with years of protection, enjoyment and pride and rarely depreciate greatly in value over time.

Guns are not for everyone but we here at Kaw Valley Gun Club are committed to providing a safe and fun environment for everyone to give it a try and see if it is something they want to participate in.  Whether you are the one-time shooter or someone that comes back regularly, you will be treated with respect and friendliness on every visit.

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